The Basics

Unlike small simulators, the 301 and 401cr deliver large, constant g-forces for real feel that helps you drive. Know how hard you’re cornering, feel every twitch and rotation, and drive with the seat-of-the-pants feel of a real car.
For sim racers, understand tracks and cars better, improve consistency, nail your setups, and get closer to the real thing than ever before.

For drivers, improve your performance with a simulator that’s used by professional drivers and teams from rally to endurance GT racing.

For commercial users, deliver unmatched realism and intensity that will engage customers with your brand like nothing else.

Since we’re racers, our goal with our motion systems is not just to add immersion, or to make the sim racing experience more fun, but to provide legitimate, high-quality feedback that allows you to drive the simulator using the same techniques and instincts you use on the track in real life. Here are a few of the things that make our simulators what they are.
Software Support

Our motion cueing system, ForceControl, supports dozens of software titles, from arcade games to flight simulators to motorsport training simulations. Drive laser-scanned tracks accurate to the centimeter in iRacing and Assetto Corsa; slide sideways through the driving rain in Project Cars; and duke it out in a space battle in Eve: Valkyrie.

Individual presets for different genres, titles, and cars can be loaded, saved, and tweaked to match your preferences. With new titles being added all the time and ForceControl updated regularly, you’re not locked into outdated software.

And every version of ForceControl supports every Force Dynamics motion system back to serial number 1, so you won’t be locked out of updates in one, two, five, or even ten years.

Build Quality

Before Force Dynamics built racing simulators, we built industrial automation equipment for companies like Nortel, General Motors, General Electric, and the US Navy. If our machines failed, whole assembly lines would stop working. So we made sure it didn’t. We build our simulators with the same techniques and materials we used to keep Fortune 100 companies’ lines running.

Our simulators run for years without major maintenance, even in demanding commercial environments, and since they’re based on electric servo systems, maintenance and repairs are clean and straightforward.

Motion Range

Moving a lot isn’t just impressive. It means that, unlike simpler cueing systems that just move the seat, or the seat and controls, a few degrees, the 401 motion system can provide real feedback for sustained g-forces.

Unlike small cueing systems, with the 401cr, you can use your sense of rotation and g-force loading to control the car. Learn tracks faster, directly feel how car setup changes affect performance, and drive closer to the limit and more consistently, both in simulations and in real life.

Continuous Rotation

Lots of simulators move. Some even rotate. But limited-rotation motion systems spend as much time rotating the opposite of the way your car is as they do rotating correctly.

The 401cr provides direct, 1:1 correspondence between vehicle orientation and platform orientation. Feel not just traction loss and slides, but orientation in long sweepers and small twitches on tight corner exits that are drowned by washout in conventional platforms.

No other commercial motion system provides high quality, responsive, continuous rotation that lets you feel everything your car does — and nothing it doesn’t.

VR Support (For Real)

Other simulators say they support VR. But that’s because they move so little that the disconnect between uncorrected VR head-tracking and the simulator’s motion isn’t noticeable! The 401cr has real motion compensation: No matter how much lateral force you feel in the simulator, your view will stay level in VR, just like it should. No swinging-hammock feeling as you corner; no motion sickness. Advanced prediction ensures instantaneous correction for the motion platform’s position at all times, and our software is constantly updated to keep pace with the latest VR runtimes.