Simulation redefined.
“Today Force Dynamics made me realize what a real driving simulator can actually do. The yaw, the feel of peak braking force, it really makes it feel like you're in a race car.”
Loris Spinelli, pro driver: GT World Challenge & Lamborghini Super Trofeo

This is the 401cr.

It's a motion simulator that tilts and rotates to simulate the experience of being in a car, plane, or pretty much any other vehicle. It can be configured as a driving simulator or racing simulator, a flight simulator, or customized to match your requirements. It comes ready-to-run, with an on-board computer, monitors, a 900 watt surround sound system, and a smooth, powerful force feedback wheel.

Why Force Dynamics?

Because most "motion simulators" lack the range to portray acceleration and cornering, so you never feel anything but the bumping and shaking.

We do it differently. The 401cr motion system provides large motion range that truly simulates forces, delivers high-impact acceleration, and has best-in-class frequency response that helps eliminate motion sickness.

And we support an industry-leading and ever-growing list of simulations and games.

We compared raw simulation output from iRacing with real-world accelerometer readings taken at head level in our motion system.

Other platforms will just show random-looking wiggles, because they don't even try to create real g-loads, but our simulators do more, creating real, consistent g-loads you can feel.

The top trace is accelerometer readings from the 401cr; the bottom trace is the simulation output.

No simulator can reproduce 100% of g-forces, but Force Dynamics is as close as you can get to replicating the real feel of a vehicle.

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How does motion simulation work?

Why is continuous rotation important?

What makes our software different?

Case Study: From Simulation to the Track

How close is the 401cr to the real thing? This close.

Real VR support, real motion, real performance.

Racing simulators, from the ground up.

Easy set up: Plug in power and go

Large motion range for accurate representation of cornering and acceleration

• Available continuous rotation axis for one-to-one vehicle rotation feel

• Custom-tailored 900 watt 5.1 surround sound

Ultra-fast servos for excellent high frequency response, ultra-low latency, and resistance to motion sickness

Remote control of all platform settings via our free Android app

Industrial reliability ready for the most demanding commercial use

Simple maintenance with an all-electric servo system

“As a GT3 engineer, preparation of race weekends are important and key to success. The Force Dynamics simulator allows drivers of all skill levels to more quickly feel and adapt to the car and new tracks.”
David Grabengießer, GT3 Race Engineer

3-axis commercial motion platforms $54,600+

3-axis ready-to-drive residential systems $65,500+

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