About ForceControl

Motion system performance is about more than just hardware.
Sure, you need great hardware to provide great motion feedback. But that's only one part of the equation. It's not enough to grab some data from the game and tell some motors to move. Matching the motion cueing system to input type, platform motion range and frequency response is just the start of what separates a motion platform from a great motion platform.

Here are a few key features of ForceControl 5:
• Control multiple platforms from a single instance
• Robust hardware fault detection and software-based thermal protection
• Track uptime and other events with detailed statistics
• Bluetooth and IP remote control from a windows PC or android device
• Detailed charts to analyze input source, cueing and servos
• Simple or advanced motion profile controls with the option of fine-tuning with an equalizer
• Save profiles in an easy to use list and load them automatically on a specific title/game
• Low-latency motion controls up to 240hz
• Auto-detection of running games
• Intelligent automatic up-sampling of input data to produce smooth/accurate motion and remove unwanted noise and stair-stepping
• Record and play back telemetry
• Sync telemetry with videos for ride sim events (using GoPro VR player)
• Attract mode to entice onlookers
• Customizable hotkeys for common actions
• Text to speech to indicate common interlocks and faults
• Automatic log save on emergency stop activation or hardware fault detection
Full mobile control, too.
Running public events, doing training, or just having a really great house party? Remotely administer ForceControl from any Android device. Our mobile app is available on the Play store, and lets you do on a phone or tablet almost anything you can from Windows.

Change entire motion profiles or individual settings on the fly, live, while the simulator is running. Switch control between multiple simulators on the same network. And because ForceControl mobile queries ForceControl desktop for available features, there's no need to update the mobile version to access new features from the desktop version.
Read on to learn more:
Read on to learn more:
Advanced cueing that's always on.
A motion platform is only as good as its cueing software - the code that translates the motion of the simulated vehicle into real motion that you feel. But doing that job right is about more than just setting your scaling factor and calling it a day.

Even in simple setup modes, ForceControl's advanced cueing routines use sophisticated algorithms precisely matched to our platforms' hardware capability to maximize quality. ForceControl dynamically and undetectably prioritizes pitch or roll cues depending on circumstances, uses soft-stops at the end of strut travel to avoid jerks if the cueing is saturated, predictively models the hardware's likely response to input to optimize cues, and more.
Profile settings from Honda Accord easy to Bugatti Chiron powerful.
ForceControl lets you save and load presets so you can quickly get ready to run a specific game, or even a specific car type or track. You can also save preferred presets which will load automatically when a particular game is detected.

Use Simple Mode to get going in a hurry, or dig into the details with specific settings that let you customize a profile to favor acceleration feel vs braking feel, change the response rate of different types of cueing curves, or set washouts for cueing aircraft (and spacecraft!).
Statistics record everything from total run time to total strut distance traveled and maximum temperatures.
Track usage in detail with statistics stored in the simulator firmware that stay consistent even through a change of PC or operating system. Check on session or all-time highs for emergency stop cycles, calculated amplifier temperatures, strut errors, and more.

Hit the e-stop or trigger an error? ForceControl will automatically save a 'black box' log of the last few seconds you can analyse yourself or send to Force Dynamics.
Cueing telemetry that shows what's coming in...
Want to know whether iRacing or Assetto Corsa really told your car to do what it did? Alt-tab to the telemetry screen and check the live input data.

Feeling something strange coming off of turn three? Check the raw input data vs. the output commands after your cueing filters, so you know whether it's your cueing settings or your suspension tuning that need work.
...and servo telemetry that shows what's going out.
Even the best servo system can't do the impossible. ForceControl's servo telemetry will tell you when you're asking too much.

Checking for a difference between the actual and commanded positions of the servo system lets you optimize setups to get the most out of a given car or track setup without suffering from sloppiness or lag. Feel like your car isn't responding well? A difference between input telemetry and filtered cues means you've got too much filtering, whereas a difference between the commanded and actual servo position means you're asking the servo system to do more than it's capable of.

With ForceControl, you can find out which is which. No more flying (or driving) blind.