About Us

Force Dynamics is a family-owned business located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, a few minutes from Watkins Glen (where it's gorgeous in the summer, which makes us want to go racing, and freezing in the winter, which makes us... want to go racing). We were founded in 2005, and we've shipped more than 100 motion systems to customers in the USA, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Thailand, and Norway, to name a few.

We are:

David Wiernicki - President
David's mainly responsible for product direction and marketing, but is known to write code (for motion systems and web sites) when duty calls. In his off hours, he writes downtempo and trance music, and wonders why so many people in China are searching for it.

Michael Wiernicki - Director of Engineering
Michael (David's father) is the guy who has to figure out how to build the things David wants to make. He leveraged x-treme engineering synergy to do the base design for the 301 platform in 30 days, and is personally offended by marketing buzzwords.

Judy Allen - Chief Financial Officer
Judy prevents David from buying too much camera gear, Michael from buying too much test equipment, and Neil from buying too many drill bits. She also makes sure we sell simulators for more than it costs to make them, which is harder than it sounds.

Neil Wiernicki - Director of Manufacturing
Without Neil, we'd have a great design, lots of customers, and a perfect balance sheet, but nothing built. Making sure the hardware gets built — and gets built so we can be proud of everything that leaves our shop - is his job.